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12 000
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survival rate

9 500+
Grafts per single

Lifetime Guarantee!

years of practice in hair transplantation allows us to guarantee the results: the transplanted hair grafts will have high survival rate and will grow throughout life! On our side, we have a full financial and legal responsibility for the results. We sign the contract based on international standard to guarantee the lifetime growth of hair transplanted in our clinic.

We accept Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies as payment for hair transplantation!
years of successful practice in hair transplantation!

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The advantages of our clinic – years of experience and innovative achievements, recognized by the international community of hair transplant society!

The 29th Congress of ISHRS, Lisbon, Portugal. October 21-23, 2021

The 29th Congress of ISHRS, Lisbon, Portugal. October 21-23, 2021

Dr Akaki Tsilosani at the 29th Congress of ISHRS.

The 29th Congress of ISHRS, Lisbon, Portugal. October 21-23, 2021

ISHRS Europe & S.I.Tri. World Live Surgery Workshop. Florence, Italy – May 26, 2022

Pioneers of combination of FUE&FUT methods: Dr Akaki Tsilosani (Georgia) and Dr Marcio Crisostomo (Brazil)

The 29th Congress of ISHRS, Lisbon, Portugal. October 21-23, 2021

8th Congress of the BHRS. July 27-30, 2022

Dr Akaki Tsilosani lecturing on 8th Congress of Brazilian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Why choose us?

Our achievements in hair restoration. Hair transplantation in a virtuoso performance!

Hair restoration in scars

Dr. Tsilosnai’s authorized and perfected method of hair restoration in post-burn, post-traumatic and post-operative scar tissues provides almost the same survival rate of transplanted grafts (95%) as in intact tissues.

World record!

With the help of 12 assistants, Dr. A. Tsilosani has performed a new record-breaking hair transplant procedure – 9,688 grafts (approx. 25 000 hairs) were transplanted in a single session which lasted 11 hours!

Highest density

Our highly professional team is able to perform mega and giga sessions while achieving highest density almost close to natural!

OUR achievements

Our professional success

  • Тализи


    The first Hair Transplantation clinic in Eastern Europe TALIZI is established

  • 2002-2004

    Dr. A. Tsilosani has invented and patented the contradistinguished punch, local anesthetic solution and compressive-hemostatic methods.

  • 2005

    Prof. A. Tsilosani was among the first surgeons who began combining Strip and FUE method in a single session.

  • 2007

    Prof. A. Tsilosani achieved the record density of 100 grafts per 1cm2!.

  • 2012

    Established a new record breaking hair transplant procedure – 9,688 graft were transplanted in a single session!

  • 2016

    Award for outstanding achievements in the field of hair transplantation on the XXI Congress of transplant-surgeons, ISHRS.

  • 2020

    6th Latin-American FUE Workshop, Cancun, Mexico, 2020. Award for Excellence in Education.

Hair transplant methods

The authorized method of hair transplantation by Dr. A. Tsilosani allowed to solve the problem of poor donor areas.
It became possible to harvest 4000 – 6000+ and more grafts per session for a least period of time.
The method allowed to achieve not less than 95% survival rate of the grafts with a high density implants, almost close to natural.

Strip transplantation

(FUT method)

Long hair transplant

(LHT method)

Combined transplantation

(FUT + FUE methods)

Body hair transplant

(BHT method)

Burns & scars


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